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Tips For Choosing The Right Care Centre

Tips For Choosing The Right Care Centre

Choosing the right care centre for your child could be a tough task, as there are loads of care centres and each one of them promises the best facilities and utmost care. But what should be the top points to consider, before you choose a care centre for your child?
Important tips:

1. It is extremely important to know how the care givers at the child care centre interact with the kids. Very young kids need a lot of warm affection and responsiveness. So, check whether the caregivers are sitting on the ground interacting and playing with the kids or whether they have a small one on their lap. Any centre where the caregiver is non responsive or aloof or simply giving instructions would not be a great place for your child in his/her early years.
2. The relation of the caregiver and the kids should be very close, loving and warm.
3. If your child is very young and has not learnt to talk yet, it is important that you interact with the caregiver a lot. Before you drop your child off, you should be sharing details like, whether your child sleep comfortably and soundly last night, whether he/she had breakfast, whether he/she is feeling a bit uneasy, what mood he/she seems to be in, these details help the caregivers manage their activities for the whole day. Again when you are picking your child up, the caregiver should be sharing the details of the whole day with you. These details could be very simple like whether he/she used more diapers or was he/she a little drowsy? These details would further help you decide how to take care in the night.
4. Commitment is very important. Children need very consistent care. They do not like a lot of surprises when they are very young. So, ask whether the caregiver would be committed to your child’s care for a long period. Look at the turnover rates of the caregivers in the centre. You could even ask for a one year commitment.
5. It is also important to find out whether the centre share certain parenting policies which are time tested. Policies like time outs or light scolding or even emphasis on discipline. Find out whether the facility has a television and how long it is kept on? If the television is on throughout the day, you child might get into the habit very early.
6. Have a look around the centre to check on the facility real time. Check for cleanliness, the environment, the stock of toys and books that are age appropriate. Try to see whether most of the kids look happy and are engaged in small activities or are they simply sitting unattended, doing nothing.