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Last Party as Single- Tips To Make It More Enjoyable

Last Party as Single- Tips To Make It More Enjoyable


Everyone says that everything changes after marriage, especially for girls. The most important thing that changes is your status-from single to married. So in exact words the night just before marriage is her last night as single because just after that her life and all her decisions will be linked up with her better half. Her life will become too busy then handling too many responsibilities of family and relatives and will be engaged in playing roles as a wife or mother. After marriage, the chances of outing and night outs with your friends and all those girls gathering for fun become a very rare affair to fulfill.

Keeping all these facts of after marriage into consideration, a celebration for the girl’s life, her friendship and most importantly her singlehood came up as hens party just like boy’s bachelorette party. Here are a few simple yet effective ideas which can help you in organizing a perfect hens party for the soon to be bride.

1)The most popular and fun filled idea of enjoyment at party to organize various party games for the guests and the girl. Among them the ones which are mostly liked by the girls are truth and dare, karaoke singing or you can try making of wedding dress using scrap paper or even toilet paper. Also various other games such as such as poker, passing the parcel, scavenger hunts or photography of the bride can be a part of your special evening.

2)Other than games one can try for various other fun ideas such as dancing or singing for getting the fun factor in your party. Drinks such as cocktail and mocktail are generally very common in parties now so make proper arrangements regarding it. Along with that most of the people love to have barbeques and various other finger foods with awesome dips in their parties. In alcoholic beverages mostly girls prefer to have vodka, tequila or brandy. Bloody Mary’s and Pina Coladas are the very popular cocktail drinks which are most often preferred by the girls in gatherings. And when it comes to food, girls opt for the spicy one, thus try to have Indian or Mexican dishes in your menu.

3)You can also make arrangements for some beauty treatments and other related things in your party so that along with fun you all can get the beauty therapy together. Hire some beauty professional and hair stylists in your party who will be available at the service of the guests to make the beautiful and far more elegant.

4)Hiring of a professional photographer in your party is an excellent idea as girls love to have photo shoots and thus get auspicious moments captured in the form of photographs.